Whether you’re just starting out or you've been in business a while, the way you use IT will be the difference between success and struggle.

Most IT providers are very good at delivering on a single product stack, but to be truly successful you need to have someone who knows experience how technology can enable business.

A Trusted Adviser.

And that's where I come in.

Hi, I'm Anthony McMahon

I’ve seen the impact a faulty mindset around technology can have on businesses.

 After studying and working in IT for almost 20 years, I’ve seen the impact a faulty mindset around technology can have on businesses. They don’t operate efficiently, are more vulnerable to risks, staff experience more stress, too much energy is spent on trying to put out fires, their customer service suffers, and they stop focusing on their overall strategy.

As your qualified IT expert, I cut through the hype and jargon to remove complexities, and demystify technology - enabling you to not only regain control, but also transform your business. I design and implement policies, processes and strategies that work, so you can focus your energy on achieving outcomes and providing excellent customer service – knowing that your technology is working hard for you, not the other way round.

I partner with businesses to understand what they want their technology to enable them to do -asking the right questions and analysing their challenges to determine effective and relevant solutions. You won’t hear a sleazy sales pitch from me.

To help you manage IT problems, I’ll dig deep to find the root cause, enabling you to take the right action around your technology to get it fixed or stop it happening in the first place. After it’s resolved, everything's fully documented – keeping you accountable and covered.

With my knowledge of IT security and technology's impact, I also help assess and mitigate your security risks. With confidence you have robust systems in place, you can focus on the big picture again.

Technology needn’t be overwhelming or avoided, and to get that message across, I’m a public speaker too. NZ speaking gigs include: ITx Rutherford, Business Strategy and TechTalk. I've talked about: creating a risk awareness culture; intelligent business automation and how it will drive business; and how to align your tech and your business to increase productivity.

Want to discover how your business can thrive with the right technology? Let's chat 


How we work together

 Most technology companies send in a salesman who has a lot of product knowledge, but no real experience in using the tool they are trying to sell. 

They also don't take the time to understand your company. Or the challenges.

I don't do that.

Before I recommend anything, I take the time to understand your business and what works for you. This paints a clear picture on how, and where, technology can enable you. 

Once I've got that picture we work together to identify the solutions that you are going to need.

Every engagement starts with a FREE health check. We sit down and work out you are today, where you want to be, and how your IT holding you back from achieving that.

We then focus on how I will help you change that. 

I keep it simple.

❌No Jargon

❌No BS

❌And I don't try and sell you software. We identify the best solutions once we actually know what you need.

Here's some of the things I do


Strategy Planning

Wanting to evolve your IT and not sure where to start? I'll help you create and maintain a sustainable strategy that aligns technology actions, plans and resources  with business objectives.

Developing plans to execute the strategy, I'll then work with you to execute that strategy, communicating to key stakeholders, and monitoring progress.


On Demand IT Manager

Need an IT manager, but can't afford the 6 figure salary that comes with it? I'll take on the role when you need me, for a fraction of the price.

As a key part of your business, I'll help you make the decisions which matter and manage the delivery. 


Risk Identification and Mitigation

I will carry out an assessment of your IT environment using industry practices to identify potential risk events, quantifying and documenting the probability of occurrence and the impact on the business.

I'll then co-ordinate the development of countermeasures and contingency plans. 


Cyber Security

 I'll provide advice and guidance on security strategies to manage identified risks and recommend appropriate tools for you to use.

And if you have a breach, I'll help investigate how and recommend appropriate control improvements.


Policy Management


I will review your existing policies, advise you on what gaps you might have, and provide policies which are fit for your business, compliant, and written in a way that you can understand. 


I'll then train your staff on the contents of the policy, and put processes in place which help you keep on top of them.


My Values


Sustainable Outcomes

Work Together


 I focus on stuff that matters, without the spin. 

Work Together

Sustainable Outcomes

Work Together


 The only way to be successful is to work together.

Sustainable Outcomes

Sustainable Outcomes

Sustainable Outcomes


  I deliver outcomes which won't break your bank.

Trusted Knowledge

Trusted Knowledge

Sustainable Outcomes


  If I don't have the answer, I find out.

Simple Strategies

Trusted Knowledge

Simple Strategies


 Complexity is unhealthy, I will keep it simple.

Visible Outputs

Trusted Knowledge

Simple Strategies


  I keep you aware of what is being delivered.

Working together requires commitment

When we agree to terms of business, this is also what we agree to

Technology is a diverse industry

There are over 100 different skills in technology, I can only do a few of them. While I might be able to help answer some basic questions, I am not a help desk or a developer. 

My services will be clearly defined at the start of the relationship. As we identify what else you need, I'll help you source the people who can do that and will manage them, but I won't do things I cannot do - that is just going to end up being expensive,. 

I Commit To

  • Helping you build a better world for you and your business
  • Always being available, calling you back as soon as I can
  • Taking the success of you and your business personally
  • Offering you a special meeting with me every year FOR FREE to review your business and my service, and make plans together
  • Checking in to make sure we’re working well together
  • Firing myself if I think I’m not serving you well

You Commit To

  • Really paying attention to the terms of this relationship agreement– holding yourself accountable to it
  • Providing me with everything I need, when I need it, so I can do my work for you
  • Paying my fees
  • Telling me if you are unable to pay the fees
  • Accepting full responsibility for the correctness of information you provide me
  • Telling me if anyone (other than you) will rely on the info I prepare so I can a) make it fit for purpose, and b) give consent for it to be used that way.
  • Firing me if you think I’m not serving you well
  • Telling others if you think I’m great at what I do

My values

I've covered these above, and I do not compromise. Ever. 

I'm a member of ITP

  • ITP is the Institute of IT Professionals
  • I’ll abide by all the ITP rules, regulations, and ethical obligations
  • I have professional indemnity insurance that covers the work and services I offer

If things aren't working

Despite my best efforts, I'll sometimes make mistakes. If I am aware of it then I will do my best to fix it. I'll be open and honest in my communication, and let you know what I am doing to resolve it.

Occasionally I might not actually be aware there is a problem. That's where I need you to tell me otherwise I can't fix it!

So, if things aren’t working with us, please let me know so we can get it sorted ASAP

When things come do come up

Because you’ve got me on your side, I'll look after you when things go wrong. If things come up unexpectedly, I’ll always do my best to help. You've always got options:

  1. You fix it before we go any further (no charge)
  2. We find a way to fix it together (that might cost)
  3. I fix it for you (that will cost)
  4. You do nothing (the problem gets bigger and more expensive to fix)

I will not be held accountable if you chose to do nothing.  

And if the unexpected does come up

Let’s try to work it out like this:

  1. You let me know there’s a problem
  2. I’ll fix it if I can
  3. If we can't work it out, we go to mediation
  4. The mediator will make a choice between your offer or my offer, nothing in between
  5. We both accept the mediator’s decision – no disputes

I don't take commission

I only offer the solution that's right for you - not the one that's best for my bank balance. If anyone offers commission as the result of a sale, I'll be asking that it be donated to charity - this way I can give you my promise that the solution is the right tool.

I take privacy seriously

 I won’t:

  • Share your information with anyone, unless you instruct me to
  • Hold your records longer than is necessary
  • Destroy any of your information
  • Try to access your information without your permission

I will:

  • Offer full transparency in what I am doing with you.
  • Be clear on any potential conflicts of interest (like working with a competitor). That means:
    • You must agree it’s okay for me to work with them
    • I won't share any information with you or the other party
    • I won't even think about them while I'm with you

You specifically give permission for me to:

  • Use 3rd party subcontractors to carry out your work when needed – they’ll also be bound by this agreement
  • Connect potential new clients with you, so you can tell them how awesome I am
  • Use your business as a case study on my website (after you’ve approved the way it’s written)
  • Update this agreement every now and then, as long as I provide you with an updated agreement to sign
  • Get information from 3rd parties when it’s relevant to the work we’re doing, and when I’ve specifically discussed it with you.

Terms of payment and fees

Each job will be covered with a statement of work which specifies fees and payment terms. On signing the statement, you agree to these terms.

If something comes up that means you can't pay me, then call me - we can work something out. 

If you don't pay I won't charge a late payment fee, but I'll only chase you three ties. If you don't pay after that then 


  • Any costs that flow from your work going unfinished are your problem, not mine 
  • Your account gets sent to a debt collector, and
  • You’re liable for all debt collection and legal costs