Nobody does Governance like we do

We take the mystery out of your digital environment

Our people know technology like you know your business. 

  Our practical approach to IT management ensures you have everything you need to help your business grow. We take pride in knowing your business from top to bottom so that when we work with you we are your technology wing-man.

Our founder

Anthony McMahon - Director, IT Strategy and Policy Management

"I want to enable a high achieving New Zealand by ensuring that Businesses can get the most out of their technology."

With nearly 20 years studying and working in the IT sector, Anthony is a qualified and experienced technology professional who specialise in helping businesses alleviate their technology pain and minimising their risk exposure. Anthony takes pride in his ability to quickly understand the technical capabilities any business requires to be successful, identify and manage the she solutions needed to get there, and then implement sustainable policies and processes which will support them.

Anthony's experience in developing Enterprise level strategies, policies and processes means that his approach to managing technology is to avoid complexity wherever possible. He also understands that technology is fully of confusing jargon and so tries to speak in plain terms wherever possible.  Anthony takes pride in supporting business and technology leaders to ensure they understand what is being delivered. 

Anthony's knowledge of the technology industry is extensive and he can talk confidently on a range of topics including:

  • Policy and Process Management
  • Technology Risk and Compliance
  • Intelligent Business Automation, including RPA, AI, and DMA
  • Technology Strategy and it's alignment to business strategy.

Anthony will happily sit down over  a coffee and explain he feels that good technology management is important, just call us to book a time or connect with Anthony through LinkedIn

Feedback from customers: 

“Anthony has provided key input to our business strategy supporting us with high-level technical skills that we didn’t have in-house. His approach is professional and thorough and he has the gift of being able to explain technical concepts in plain English. Anthony’s advice has been invaluable when dealing with third party suppliers and it has been highly beneficial to have a technological voice at the table when making key decisions.” - Felicity Hopkins, Director - Research Review NZ