Everyone tells you they know THE best tool to use

But the tool which works for ONE business may not be right for YOURS

And if you chose the wrong tool you may not achieve the right outcome – technology mistakes cost businesses of all shapes and size.

You should have a trusted adviser who takes the time to understand what outcome you are trying to achieve (and WHY), develop a strategy that doesn't add complexity, and then help you select a solution that's right for you.

They should then partner with you to help you deliver the strategy, ensuring that your IT enables your business - not hold it back!

Do you know where technology is holding you back and how you fix it? 


Get in touch if...

You are a Business Owner


 Who wants your IT to maximise the return on your investment. 

You are a Business Manager


Who is focused on delivering value into your organisation, but doesn't have a full time IT Manager to rely on. 

You are an IT Leader


Who knows you need help with your technology strategy, but are unsure where to start. 

IT has become essential to the DNA of modern companies,

Without IT, business will be difficult. 

There is so much choice in IT today that it is hard to know which way to turn. Add to that the challenges of staff mindset, and even the most market leading tool can fail to deliver. 

My clients are any New Zealand business who want to get the most out of their Technology investment.

I either work directly with you, or coach you with the skills you need to do it yourself

Where do you need help?

Grow your business


Do you need strategic guidance and support over your IT investments to give you the confidence you are making the right decisions to help your business? I'll build you a strategy that maximises your  IT

Mitigate your risk

Policy is only good if your people know

Are you worried that your cyber security measures might not stack up? Do you have a handle on all the risks? I'll help you put in place robust and sustainable risk measures

Manage your IT


Looking for control of your IT Investment, but can't afford a full time IT Manager? I'll act in that capacity, but in a way that doesn't break breaking the bank.

Workshop Facilitation


Need help running an internal workshop? I'll setup and run workshops to walk your staff for everything from training and awareness through to strategic planning. 



What makes great sports teams? Practice. It ensures all the players in the team know what is required from them. Business is no different. I work with you to develop scenarios that we can practice.



Looking to step up to a new role in the IT industry, but need help to identify the skills you need to work on? I will guide you in shaping your development pathway.

IT is full of jargon

I help demystify it.

Most technology companies send in a salesman who has a lot of product knowledge, but no real experience in using the tool they are trying to sell. 

They also don't take the time to understand your company. Or the challenges.

I don't do that.

Before I recommend a tool I take the time to understand your business and what works for you. This paints a clear picture on how, and where, technology can enable you. 

Once I've got that picture we work together to identify the solutions that you are going to need.


My Values



 I focus on stuff that matters, without the spin. 

Work Together


 The only way to be successful is to work together.

Sustainable Outcomes


  I deliver outcomes which won't break your bank.

Trusted Knowledge


  If I don't have the answer, I find out.

Simple Strategies


 Complexity is unhealthy, I will keep it simple.

Visible Outputs


  I keep you aware of what is being delivered.

Interested in my workshops?