If you’ve been in business for a while then you’ve probably picked up a variety of technology capabilities. But are these actually enabling your business, or are they just a cost on the bottom line?

The decisions you made at the start of your journey will have big impacts further down the track, if you didn't get them right then you still might be feeling the pain,

But it's not too late to build a technology plan! 

It allows your company to understand its current technology needs and any future resources that will be needed as well, showing how technology will grow with the company and establish an environment for the company to reach its goals  

But where do you start?  

Aimed at businesses who have been operating for a while, this intermediate session to technology will focus on:

  • The critical elements of a technology plan.  
  • The benefits of a good technology plan, and the risks of not having one.  
  • How to bring a plan into your business when you’ve been operating for a while  
  • How to determine what systems will be critical to your business, and whether you turn any of.
  • Why you need to consider a single source of truth for the information you hold
  • What skills you will need to consider to support the delivery of the plan.


Who should attend?

Business and Technology leaders who need to put in place a plan to manage their technology. 


Drop us a note and we'll tell you when the next workshop is.