Managing your IT costs. We help you save.

5 reasons to work with us

Grow your business


Are you growing, either locally or globally but aren't ready for a full time IT Manager?

Plan for the future


Do you need strategic guidance and support over your technology investments to give you the confidence you are making the right decisions for your business?

Increase productivity


Does your current technology prevent your staff from being as effective as possible? Are you looking for ways to increase productivity?

Manage your vendors


How much time do you spend managing the different vendors who provide your IT? Are you even sure you're getting the best deal.

Protect your information


Are you worried that your data might be vulnerable? Not sure if you are compliant with the right regulations? 

Reduce your risk without the cost

If you have no IT Manager

Your technology will be managed as part of another role or is managed alongside another job which means: 

  • IT becomes a distraction to a core function, costing time and money
  • There will be limited expertise in managing business technology
  • Reaction to issues, not proactively planning for them
  • Technology is viewed as a cost, not an investment
  • Your business won’t keep up with changes in technology

If you have a full time IT Manager

Your technology will be managed full time by someone who:

  • Will come with an average salary of $96,000 - not always cost-effective for small and medium businesses
  • May be more focused on tactical and operational activity, not strategic change and risk mitigation
  • May be averse to adopting emerging technologies for fear it will disrupt their job
  • May not focus on delivering to globally-recognised frameworks
  • May not have the skills to deliver on all the change you require
  • May not have experience in negotiation contracts

What we offer you

A cost-effective model focused on maximising your investment which will:

  • Apply experience gained from multiple industries
  • Follow globally-recognised frameworks to manage your technology
  • Monitor changes in the technology industry and provide guidance on how they can benefit you
  • Focus on getting you the outcome you need, not the solution we want to sell you
  • Build process and policies that support your business
  • Develop plans to help you manage potential issues
  • Align your vendors to ensure you're getting the best deal possible